Friday, November 20, 2009

Longest day ever

I woke up early, very early this morning and went to work at 6.45. I got a new job at The Doug Fir. It seems like a totally different world than what I've been working in - I like it. Since waking up early and getting off around 1, I have had the whole day to do several things. I finished a painting and drove it over for "The Vanity Fair" event happening tomorrow (which should turn out fun), I played around in illustrator and got lost in diamonds and triangles, and then I cleaned the room because my clothes tend to trickle out of my closet and on to the floor. It seems like I can jam much more into my days by actually getting out of the house before 1pm. Whodda thought?

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Katey Dutton said...

I'm so happy for you! I remember loving waking up early for my coffee job and getting off at 3! 1 must be amazing! It really is like having 2 days. A day of work and a day of play. Hey...will you let me know if they're ever looking for someone?

P.s. thankyou for the sweet drink offer. I've been so busy trying to figure life out that I haven't had time for ANYTHING! But I did just get my 401k check in the mail, so life will be good come monday. good.

i love you.

p.p.s. my word verification is PERMIS...haha PERMIS